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Fish Oil + D3

  • £19.99

Enhanced Wellness with Fish Oil + D3 Softgels

Elevate your daily health regime with our Fish Oil + D3 Softgels, a vital combination designed for your well-being.

  • Heart Health & Cognitive Function: Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are crucial for maintaining heart health and cognitive function, supporting overall wellness.

  • Bone Health & Immune Support: Each softgel is fortified with Vitamin D3, essential for healthy bones and immune system function.

  • Purity and Potency: Our Fish Oil is sourced to ensure the highest purity, potency, and quality. It's rigorously tested to meet stringent standards.

  • No Unwanted Additives: Free from GMOs, gluten, and dairy, our Fish Oil + D3 Softgels are a pure and trustworthy supplement choice.

  • Convenient Daily Supplement: Easy-to-swallow softgels make it simple to incorporate these essential nutrients into your daily routine.

Our commitment to quality and health extends to every aspect of our product. Just like our highly praised Beef Liver capsules, sourced from grass-fed, hormone-free cattle, our Fish Oil + D3 Softgels are crafted with the same dedication to purity and efficacy. They provide an easy and effective way to supplement your diet with vital nutrients, supporting your overall health and vitality.

Nutritional Profile Per Serving:

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil: 1000mg (EPA 120mg / DHA 250mg)
  • Vitamin D3: 1000IU
  • Gelatine (Softgel Capsule)

Our Fish Oil + D3 Softgels are an essential addition to your health routine, especially designed to meet the needs of an active, health-conscious lifestyle. Try them today to support your journey towards better health and vitality.

    Take 1-2 soft gels daily.

    Omega 3 1000mg Fish Oil (EPA 120mg / 250mg DHA) with Vitamin D3 (1000IU) Gelatine