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Grass Fed Beef Heart Capsules

  • $35.00
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BEEF HEART SUPPLEMENT: Harvested from prime, hormone-free, 100% grass-fed cattle nurtured on the pristine pastures of New Zealand. Our desiccated beef heart capsules stand as a testament to purity, containing NO GMOs, artificial colours, gluten, dairy, soy, or additives. Experience the richness of beef heart in its most genuine form, ensuring optimal nutrient retention!

  • ANATOMICAL MIRACLE: Beef heart is revered as a treasure trove of vital nutrients. We employ state-of-the-art freeze-drying techniques to meticulously preserve heat-sensitive nutrients. Each capsule is a blend of rich sources of B vitamins, CoQ10, essential amino acids, iron, phosphorus, and vital peptides.

  • ELEVATES WHOLE-BODY HEALTH: Dive into the holistic benefits of our grass-fed heart capsules. They play a pivotal role in enhancing energy, metabolism, and fortifying the skin, hair, and nails. Experience the bliss of a strengthened immune system and unparalleled support to your heart, brain, and overall vitality.

  • AMPLIFY ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Say goodbye to mid-workout burnouts! Packed with micronutrients like zinc, phosphorus, and the powerful CoQ10, our capsules not only recharge your stamina but also accentuate muscle recovery, growth, and overall physical prowess. Reach your peak performance, seamlessly!

  • BEEF HEART GOODNESS IN HASSLE-FREE CAPSULES: Introduce your body to the myriad benefits of one of nature's best-kept secrets, without the distinctive taste or preparation challenges. With 120 capsules in every pack, enjoy a generous 2000mg per serving, ensuring a month-long journey to robust health.

History sings praises of the unparalleled nutritional potency of organ meats. Consumed by our ancestors, these were considered the crux of vitality and wellness.

We've encapsulated this ancient wisdom by crafting the pinnacle of beef heart supplements. Sourced from ethically raised, pasture-fed cattle in the lush terrains of New Zealand, our capsules offer a seamless way to infuse your diet with a natural, nutrient-dense elixir. Dive deep into the reservoir of proteins, iron, phosphorus, CoQ10, B vitamins, and a plethora of amino acids and essential nutrients.

Bolster your body's defenses with powerful micronutrients, fortify your hair, skin, and nails, and optimize your cardiovascular and brain functions. Whether it's battling fatigue, enhancing muscle strength, or simply enriching your overall health, our beef heart capsules stand as your trusted companion.

Take 4 quick release capsules daily.

Bovine Heart, Gelatin Capsule

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