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Grass Fed Beef Organ Capsules

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY BEEF ORGAN BLEND SUPPLEMENT: Sourced from the healthiest, hormone-free, 100% grass-fed cattle in the lush fields of New Zealand, our beef organ capsules combine the best of liver, heart, and kidney. This trifecta of organ meats offers unparalleled purity, free from GMOs, artificial colours, gluten, dairy, soy, or additives. Enjoy a comprehensive blend of organ meats, ensuring the maximum retention of vital nutrients in their most natural form!

  • SYNERGISTIC NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE: This blend is a convergence of nature's finest organ meats – liver, heart, and kidney, each revered for their nutritional density. Employing advanced freeze-drying techniques, we meticulously preserve their heat-sensitive nutrients. Each capsule is a rich source of various B vitamins, CoQ10, essential amino acids, iron, selenium, and a host of vital enzymes and peptides.

  • HOLISTIC WELL-BEING ENHANCER: Step into the realm of total body wellness with our grass-fed organ blend capsules. They're intricately designed to boost energy, enhance metabolism, and support the health of your skin, hair, and nails. This unique combination offers an exceptional boost to your immune system while providing comprehensive support to the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys.

  • AMPLIFIED ATHLETIC ENDURANCE: Bid farewell to dips in energy and performance. Loaded with an array of micronutrients from zinc and selenium to phosphorus and CoQ10, these capsules elevate your stamina, aid muscle recovery and growth, and support overall physical fitness. Achieve your best physical performance with ease!

  • CONVENIENT WHOLE-ORGAN NUTRITION: Embrace the full spectrum of organ meat benefits without the culinary challenges. Our capsules, containing 120 per pack with a potent 2000mg per serving, ensure a convenient and consistent way to incorporate these nutrient powerhouses into your daily routine, promoting a month-long journey towards enhanced health.

Throughout history, organ meats have been esteemed for their remarkable nutritional content, forming the cornerstone of vitality and robust health.

By creating this exceptional blend of beef liver, heart, and kidney, we've harnessed this ancestral knowledge. Sourced from cattle raised on the pristine, natural landscapes of New Zealand, our capsules present an effortless method to incorporate these rich, nutrient-dense organs into your diet. Explore the depths of proteins, a full range of B vitamins, iron, selenium, CoQ10, and an array of amino acids and critical nutrients.

Fortify your body's natural defenses, and enhance your physical and cognitive prowess with our beef organ blend capsules - a holistic approach to maintaining and elevating your overall health and vitality.

Take 4 quick release capsules daily.

Bovine Liver, Bovine Heart, Bovine Kidney, Gelatin Capsule


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